How We Met

My name is Graham and I first met Ayat after she volunteered for a virtual internship with the public health project, NoiseFilter. It didn't take long to see that she was both incredibly creative and deeply dedicated. I was impressed by her content and her work ethic, but it was only near the end of her internship that I learned she had been completing all of her work - social media, audio editing, and recording an Arabic version of the podcast - on a phone, because she didn't own a computer. I also learned that she had been recording from a closet, to ensure the podcast had the best sound. 

I decided to fundraise and help get Ayat a computer. After a successful campaign, I had the honor of delivering a new computer to her in Lebanon. It was then that I met her family, and witnessed firsthand their warmth, kindness, and strength. It wasn't only Ayat who was so talented and hardworking and with such a beautiful heart, her entire family exemplifies these traits and I feel honored to know them. 

I ask you today to please join us in this journey and support Ayat’s family in finding a safe home where their dreams and talents can truly take flight. The opportunity to help this special family, in some small way, was one of the best things I have done in my life. 

Please join me. 

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